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Das hier ist die Lieblingsserie meines englischen Group-Mitglieds Anthony, der sogar eine ganz tolle Website zu "Time Tunnel" veröffentlicht hat - leider scheint sie unter der alten Adresse nicht mehr zu existieren. Obwohl TV-Nostalgie eine deutsche Website ist, habe ich mich entschieden, diesen Text im englischen Original zu belassen und eventuell später den Link zur deutschen Übersetzung zu setzen... Ich denke, Anthony ist nun mal Engländer, er hat dies auf Englisch geschrieben und darum sollte ich es auch so veröffentlichen.

Das Time Tunnel Team


As a television series, THE TIME TUNNEL has a lot going for it: A format that can take you anywhere and anytime. A likeable and interesting cast of regular characters and a marvellous 1960's Pop Art look (if only modern shows could be so bright and colourful!).

But I suppose that for me a large part of THE TIME TUNNEL's appeal is nostalgic.

I was only five years old when THE TIME TUNNEL arrived on British television in 1968 (9th July on the BBC, trivia fans). Sadly, I managed to miss the first episode, so when I discovered the show the following week I had no idea how Tony Newman (James Darren) and Doug Phillips (Robert Colbert) had become lost in time.

It didn't spoil my enjoyment though and the mystery might even have added to my enjoyment of the series.


It didn't spoil my enjoyment though and the mystery might even have added to my enjoyment of the series. To this day I still remember the thrill that I felt at the sight of Tony and Doug in the time vortex, and Dick Tufeld's powerful narration: "Two American scientists are lost in the swirling maze of past and future ages during the first experiments on America's greatest and most secret project – The Time Tunnel. Tony Newman and Doug Phillips now tumble helplessly toward a new fantastic adventure somewhere along the infinite corridors of time." This is one of the enduring memories of my childhood and I still get a kick out of that opening today. It must have impressed other people too judging by the number of rip-offs I've seen over the years (the two time-lost sailors in the film THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT spring to mind, as do the SLIDERS on television).

As a child I was crazy about THE TIME TUNNEL. I remember playing TIME TUNNEL adventures with my friends in the local park. An old wooden shelter was our 'Tunnel' and we would leap out of it and tumble onto the grass in a fine impression of Tony and Doug's landings. Being called Anthony I enjoyed having a namesake on the show, and I would also wear a green roll neck sweater to try to look like Dr Tony Newman too.

The BBC only aired thirteen episodes of the series and then, for reasons best known to themselves, dropped it. For my friends in the schoolyard THE TIME TUNNEL was soon replaced in their affections by other things (a new series called STAR TREK for one). But I just could not get THE TIME TUNNEL out of my head – I was hooked!

Why get enthralled by a television show? Science Fiction shows in particular seem to attract huge followings. There are legions of fans for series' such as STAR TREK, DOCTOR WHO, THE X-FILES, etc.

Maybe it's a tribal thing . . . a need to support 'something,' be it a TV show, a football team or whatever. Or maybe it is simply a need to escape from reality for while – to get away from the troubles that plague us in the real world by immersing ourselves in fantasy.

I didn't see another episode of THE TIME TUNNEL until the mid-1970's
when I was holidaying in the Lake District. Switching on the television in the holiday cottage my family were staying in, I was delighted to find an episode of THE TIME TUNNEL ("Invasion") showing on the local ITV station. As soon as I got home I wrote a desperate plea to my own local station to show THE TIME TUNNEL, but my letter fell on death ears. It was to be a long time before I would see any more of the adventures of Tony Newman and Doug Phillips.

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